Make a heart felt keychain: DIY tutorial with templates

felt keychain

A felt keychain makes a wonderful handmade gift. And with Christmas approaching, it’s time to think about cute, simple and quick handmade projects both for decorating the house and ideas for gifts. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a heart felt keychain. In less than one hour you will have a cute keychain ready! Feel free to use different felt colour, more buttons, sequins, etc. This tutorial aims to guide you through the process of making a felt keychain, but I always encourage you to be creative and make the project your own. Have fun!

How to make a felt keychain

You will need:

  • red and turquoise felt
  • red and turquoise thread
  • 1 turquoise button
  • glue
  • polyester wadding
  • keyring
  • beige string
  • heart templates

 Instructions to make a felt keychain:

1. Save the heart templates to your computer, open and print both at 100%.

felt keychain

2. Cut out one heart out of red felt and two others out of turquoise felt.

felt keychain

3. Place the small red heart in the middle of the turquoise heart. Secure with a pin. Use running stitch in turquoise thread sew all around the inside of the red heart.

felt keychain

4. Using red thread sew the blue button (check the above photo for details).

felt keychain

5. Fold your beige string in two (make it as long or short as you want) and tie a knot. Glue (or sew) the string to the front of the second turquoise heart (the one you haven’t touch yet).

felt keychain

6. Place the two heart together and secure with a pin. Sew the two hearts together using running stitch in red thread, making sure the right sides are facing out and leaving a little opening.

felt keychain

7. Get some wadding and stuff the felt heart. You may have to use something pointy (like a pencil) to get the stuffing in all the corners.

8. Close the opening. Add a keyring and it’s ready!

felt keychain
All patterns and tutorials are for non-commercial use only. You are free to make as many as you would like but please don’t sell any items made from my pattern. Please credit and link back if you want to use the photos and/or tutorial on your blog. Many thanks!


Hope you like today’s tutorial! Let me know if you use this tutorial, I would love to get feedback and to take a peek at photos of your finished keychain.

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Edit: you can also make a pretty Autumn inspired bunting using the same leaf template. Check out my tutorial here.